Cancel or Reschedule a CSA Box

Enter your email address in the bar below.
We'll send you an email.  Click the link in that email, then follow the instructions.

We understand that CSA members go on vacation.
- Each membership can cancel or reschedule up to three CSA boxes during our regular CSA season.  
- The final deadline to make changes is the Sunday before the delivery, by 11:59 p.m.  
- If you want to schedule a replacement box, enter the replacement date now.  Otherwise, the box is simply cancelled.
- We do not offer rescheduling of the fall shares (Extension or Storage.)

Please follow the instructions below exactly.
- This system works smoothly if you follow our instructions.
- Each week is identified by the Monday before your Thursday or Friday delivery.  Replacement boxes are delivered on the usual Thurs or Friday schedule for your site.
- Want to reschedule a second box?  Just repeat this process for the second box.

Every-Other-Week (EOW) & Sampler (SMP) Members.
- Be certain of your EOW or Sampler assignment before starting.
- The calendar in the sidebar will be helpful.
- You can reschedule to any week but most EOW & SMP members choose an "off" week (i.e. a week they are not already scheduled to get a box).

Step 1.  Submit your email address in the box below.  
You will quickly receive an email message titled "Schedule a Change to Your Membership!".  Follow the link offered in that email, then proceed to the instructions in Step 2. 

Step 2.  Follow these steps to cancel OR to reschedule a box:
Action:  Choose "Vacation Hold"
Starting Week:  Choose the week you do not want to get your box.  EOW members, be certain you are canceling a week with your EOW color.  SMP members, same idea.
Number of Weeks:  Always choose "1".  Peculiar things happen if you choose anything else.
Replacement Box Week?
     To CANCEL A BOX (without replacement), choose "No Replacement Box (or pull down to Select a Week)".
     To RESCHEDULE A BOX, choose the date to get your replacement box. 

Weekly members will get two boxes on the replacement date they choose.  Every-other-week and Sampler members will get a single box (unless they choose a replacement week for which they are already scheduled to receive a box.).

Step 3. Press the Schedule Action button and watch for a confirmation email from us.